Final Cover Page

This is my final cover page.

Responses to Questions for Feature Story

Here are the responses to the questions from the previous post. 1. When did you know you were into fashion? - I honestly always kind of knew. I would constantly pay attention to what people wore and wanted to be unique with my own style. 2. What or who inspires you the most? - My brother definitely inspires me the most. Ever since I was younger, I would try to dress like him all the time. He would get annoyed but I was just really into his style and wanted to have my own someday. 3. What do you consider your fashion style? - I don’t think I have a label for my fashion style. It’s a mix of many different things. I always dress for whatever the occasion though. If it’s somewhere fancy then I dress a little better and if it’s casual then I’ll just be sporty. 4. Why did you gain an interest in the fashion world? - As I said earlier, I always really paid attention to what people wore and gained an interest in different styles at a young age. 5. Would you consider modeling as

Inspiring Feature Model

     The model I chose for my feature story has a very inspirational story that should be heard by everyone, therefore being the reason why I chose him.The name of my model is Moises Cardona and he is a senior at Hialeah Miami Lakes High School. His story is about how his passion for fashion helped him stay positive throughout all the hardships he went through as a young adult. Moises says that he plans on being a fashion designer in his future. This story ties in perfectly with my teen fashion magazine.

Model Pictures for Magazine

     I have chosen a model for my magazine based on his story of how fashion helped him stay positive throughout the period of his life where he revealed being gay to everyone. This is my model for my teen fashion magazine: Moises Cardona, Senior at Hialeah Miami Lakes

Feature Article Model Ideas

     For my feature article story, I have 2 people to choose from. One of these people is a good friend of mine named Danny Montoya with a very inspirational fashion story that he explains "kept him going" or the second choice which is another friend of mine named Justin Fernandez who has always been very inspired by fashion and has even gone to multiple fashion shows. Justin says he plans on working for Gucci designing clothes some day. I will have to choose one of these young men to do a feature article on.

Magazine Final Color Scheme

Since this magazine is all about fashion, I want the colors to really pop out but not be too exaggerated. I would like to have colors like a bright blue with some black and maybe white just for the aesthetic. The neon aqua color bellow really stood out to me. I want colors that will catch the audience’s attention. The matte black I believe would go well with the aqua.